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Self Service Subscriptions | Shopping Internet Site

Self Service Subscriptions | Shopping Internet Site
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We design with unprecedented control on any device of any screen width.

Special products
Display products with optional grid or bottom line mode in tabs or accordions.  Add personalized products per line and per stopping point for each module.  Products with different styles for each module can be defined in the grid or list view.

Demo 1 Demo 2 Demo 3 Demo 4 Demo 5 Demo 6 Demo 7 Demo 8

Adding unlimited products

After ordering your purchase site, your site will be activated immediately during the day.  If you choose a  self-service package  , we will deliver the theme to you with default features and sample products, and you will make all other changes and add product settings.

If you choose a complete package  , we load all modules, logos and images.  Since it is included in the package, we prepare 50 categories and 100 products for you.  We activate the payment method and perform all shipping, delivery and billing settings.  In short, we turn your key to sell your site.

Features and options

You can seamlessly adjust the parameters of the products you will be selling on your shopping site, such as grouping options and option variables, without any restrictions.

Featured Category

Easily create modules based on categories and display only products from specific categories or brands.  The advanced page generator allows you to create any grid layout with full control at any cut point.

Improved Gallery module

The gallery module supports images, videos and can also function as banners which point to another page or open other Popup modules.  Create different modules with images, videos, banners or all.  Add your modules to any page in any grid format.

Blog management

It comes with its own simple yet powerful blog that can be added to blog posts.  With the new advanced typography styles, the design of your publication page is unique.

Contextual functions

Thanks to flexible pop-up windows or notification panes developed for the required page, time and function announcements, you can keep communication with your customers active.


The filtering function, which is generally used in commercial sites, is a useful formula for the customer to find what he wants among thousands of products.  You can manage this functionality as you wish with the targeting of functionalities, sizes and prices.

Payment modules

Thanks to its flexible and scalable system, it is a system with dozens of ready-to-use modules such as skrill, amazon pay, paypal, private banks, ck2.  After entering the API keys or user information, the desired payment module will be activated.  Pick-up at the store, payment at the door or EFT methods are just some of the features that will make your job easier.

Shipping settings

You may need different types of merchandise on your newly constructed site.  Integration of all functions such as payment at the door, factory pickup, freight pricing according to different countries, ups, dhl, fedex, internal freight parameters.

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