"Adwords is too expensive and not efficient"

I meet many e-merchants who do not want to try Google or Bing Adwords because it "costs too much" and "it is not efficient!".

I can't blame these e-merchants. On the Internet, many testimonies point in this direction.

Obviously, I do not agree with these remarks.

Adwords: Too expensive?

Be careful with the expression "it's too expensive". Too expensive, but compared to what?

I have some e-merchant customers and friends who spend several thousand euros per month (and some even more than 10,000 €/month).

At no time do they say it's too expensive, because they know that every euro invested in Adwords helps them to develop their online activities.

On the other hand, if you only spend 100 €/month and it doesn't bring anything positive to your business, then yes it is too expensive.

The question of cost must be related to the direct and indirect benefits generated by your campaigns.

After breaking the objection "it's too expensive", let's move on to the second objection.

Adwords: Not Efficient?

As much as I can understand that Google/Bing Adwords can be found too expensive (due in particular to the sharp rise in click costs in some markets), I also have hair on my head when I hear all the time that Adwords is not efficient.

Why such a reaction from me?

In general, when you look at the campaigns of these people saying loud and clear that Adwords is not effective, you understand why Adwords is not effective. Poorly structured account, poor choice of keywords, poor choice of keyword targeting, faulty text ads, poor quality landing pages, and so on... (I stop because I'm starting to get all red).

I am not saying that Adwords is a miracle and effective tool for everyone. There are merchants who despite quality campaigns fail to take advantage of Google/Bing Adwords.

But it should not be forgotten that an Adwords campaign (and e-marketing in general) goes through several cycles. When the campaign is launched, the e-merchant does not know how his keywords will behave, he does not know if his ads will be clicked, he does not know if the landing pages will be effective, etc.... It is a discovery phase.

After a few days or weeks, the first optimizations and tests arrive, with the aim of improving the situation.

Depending on the campaigns and markets, more or less optimization and testing will be required to achieve interesting results.

Giving up too quickly (if the campaign is badly created) is the risk of making a cross forever on an e-marketing lever that could, after a few adjustments, bring you a lot!

Few marketing campaigns have achieved incredible performance since their launch. These campaigns will become effective after being optimized and tested. The same is true for Google/Bing Adwords campaigns.

Adwords requires expertise

It is by reading the testimonies of people who have failed with Google/Bing Adwords that I understand the impasse in which e-merchants find themselves.

Google/Bing Adwords are complex tools, and the regular addition of new features in their sponsored link platform does not make it easy for novices to get started (it seems that guys at Google/Bing are paid by functionality!).

With Adwords, the difference between a successful merchant and a failed merchant is often due to the degree of knowledge and mastery of Google/Bing Adwords, and not necessarily related to external factors such as competition.


By reading this article, you understand that I do not agree with people who think that Google/Bing Adwords is too expensive and not effective. You need a minimum of knowledge to be able to take advantage of such a complex lever as Google/Bing Adwords. Let us carry out your advertising campaign and you will tell your friends and family that Google/Bing Adwords "it pays big and it's super effective! »