Definition of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a key lever of webmarketing which consists in optimizing the structure and content of a website so that its indexing and referencing on search engines are as effective as possible. By "effective", I mean that SEO seeks to obtain as much visibility as possible in response to Internet users' searches.

Natural referencing and SEO to focus on the long term

Natural referencing corresponds to the result of the analysis of the structure of your site's content and its popularity by search engines. Result which takes the form of a more or less interesting positioning on keywords (the ideal is to be on the first page of Google on strategic queries for your company). SEO is the know-how that consists in optimizing natural referencing.

Free or paid referencing: what's the difference?

Natural SEO differs from paid SEO in that it does not require the purchase of keywords to be visible. It seeks to build legitimacy acquired over the long term. Once optimized by SEO, natural referencing makes it possible to obtain quality traffic that can be considered "free". Once your site is evaluated as legitimate and interesting by search engines, it is naturally promoted and you do not need to pay to maintain this visibility (unlike Google Adwords ads for example).

On-site and off-site SEO : the two sides of the SEO strategy

SEO is interested in the visibility obtained on natural results for which you do not pay for a display (unlike sponsored links) but that you get because your site is evaluated as legitimate in the eyes of search engines. It is precisely this evaluation that the SEO consultant seeks to obtain on as many user requests as possible for his client in order to obtain maximum visibility. An optimization work that includes two main areas of work: SEO says "on site" and "off site" (you will also hear about "on page" / "off page"). The first is interested in optimizing the content of the site, its structure and the internal mesh between pages. The second to its external part, the ecosystem in which it evolves, i.e. the quality of the incoming links it receives from other sites and which transmit popularity to it.

Become a leader on your theme: the major challenge of SEO

Studying and understanding the behavior of search engines that analyze, evaluate and rank your pages, while building an effective strategy requires certain SEO expertise, experience, patience and a certain state of mind. From the deduction of the functioning of search engine algorithms, the work of the SEO consultant consists in deploying a complete and adapted strategy so that - while remaining intelligible to humans and keeping its specificities that distinguish it from the competition - your website is evaluated by search engines as credible, relevant and becomes leader on its theme.