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Online Advertising: How to Create Effective Online Advertising?

Online advertising is one of the most effective ways for companies of all sizes to expand their reach, find new customers and diversify their revenue sources.

There are so many options; from PPC to paid social services, video advertising and in-app advertising. Online advertising can be intimidating for newcomers, but it doesn't have to be like that. Adwordcity makes online advertising easier for you and helps your business grow by harnessing the power of sponsored research and paid social advertising.

Online advertising: Sponsored Search - Google Adwords, Bing

When you think of online advertising, you probably think of paid search advertising. Paid search, also known as pay-per-click advertising or PPC, is one of the most common and effective types of online advertising.

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Paid search allows you to bid on relevant terms and phrases that can lead users to display text ads when they enter specific search queries in Google or Bing. These terms and expressions are called keywords and form the basis of PPC advertising. Advertisers bid on keywords as part of the auction. This ensures that all advertisers are able to show their ads to users rather than to those with the largest advertising budget.

Keywords must be very relevant to your advertising. Logically organized and structured ad groups are separated by campaign type. The type of correspondence correctly aligned is an essential element to display to the right visitors at the right time and for the right campaign.

Online advertising: sponsored ads on social networks

Although paid search has changed Internet advertising, paid advertising on social networks is changing the network of tomorrow. Improves it.

Social networks are the most popular online space for adults worldwide, and advertisers have developed strategies to target consumers where they spend their time - social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Social network advertising works in the same way as paid search, except that advertisers, not users, take initiatives - advertisers must look for users differently.

One of the strengths of social network advertising is the level of detail that advertisers have to target for their potential customers. Advertisers can target users with hundreds of parameters based on demographic data (such as age, gender, income, educational status and marital status), as well as their browsing preferences and social behaviour.

Facebook allows advertisers to target users based on their level of education, or even some participating schools

Advertisers can also target users based on the types of pages and profiles they follow, their purchases and the news they read. These personalized audiences can be created using email lists from existing customer data (to create "similar" audiences to similar users); Facebook and Twitter can combine information about these users to learn more about these behaviors.

The "identity marketing" has become the most recent and probably the greatest change in digital marketing over the past decade. It offers advertisers incredible opportunities to develop their business.

Know your audience
Since paid advertisers must conduct extensive keyword research before launching their campaigns, advertisers must know their ideal customers, both inside and outside the company, in order to target the right audience segments with the right message. That's where the buyers come in.

Creating a detailed buyer staff for your ideal customers allows you to go beyond surface information about your most loyal customers and enter targeting options that allow you to target your prospects in great detail. This not only allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising spending, but also to provide more relevant and targeted advertising to your audience. Recent data shows that Internet users are more accepting of online advertising when it is truly targeted and relevant.

Online advertising: campaign elements

In online advertising, you can do much more than just place an ad on the Internet and hope that everything will be fine. The most effective advertising campaigns, all with unique features to maximize the campaign's potential, include a large number of items connected to the product. Not all online advertising campaigns have all the elements, but the following elements of the digital marketing initiative will be common to many campaigns.

Text and visual ads

Google AdWords and Bing Ads offer advertisers more visual options, such as text ads or banners. Text ads are often simply called PPC ads, banners and similar ad formats are often called graphic ads. In addition, social media platforms such as Facebook offer very rich visual ad formats, including ad copies that can be considered a combination of the two. Today's advertisers have dozens of ad formats, allowing you to choose the ad format and network that best suits your campaign needs.

Home pages

Landing pages are optimized web pages to which visitors are directed when you click on an ad. Landing pages may contain some products included in ads or require users to provide more information to the advertiser, such as web forms. Landing pages can be used to convince potential customers, such as making a purchase, completing a transaction or as an additional step to launch a longer "bucket", such as requesting additional information to create a track or downloading a content item.

Call follow-up

For many advertisers, telephone calls are the most valuable leads. For this reason, advertisers can choose to track phone calls generated from online advertising campaigns. With the help of full PPC ads and paid social networks, you can reach dozens of steps ahead of your competitors to access potential customers.

Sponsored content

Many advertisers choose to use sponsored content as part of their online advertising campaigns. Sponsored content can take many forms, from advertising content on websites (often called local advertising) to sponsored updates on social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter both offer this feature to advertisers. Both platforms offer various sponsored update options, such as Facebook sponsored publications and Twitter sponsored tweets.

Advertisers do not just broadcast ads on the Web and hope for more: they need to know exactly how their ads perform and where their traffic comes from. Therefore, analysis is an important part of any online advertising strategy. Analytical tools, such as those offered in Adwordcity, which provide a wealth of information about an advertising campaign, allow you to view the time and cost conversion times per impression for sharing impressions and click rates. Analytical tools are also valuable in determining how consumers discover and interact with your website, a process called analytics.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the most common elements of an online advertising campaign. Some advertisers only launch e-mail campaigns to highlight sales. Others use e-mail to complement other digital marketing channels. Email marketing can be very effective, making it a popular choice for today's advertisers.


Consumers rarely discover a website and decide to buy immediately. The customer's journey can be long and complex and can navigate multiple websites over long periods of time. As a result, remarketing has become one of the most important tools in the digital marketing toolbox. Remarketing allows you to track users who visit your website, but cannot perform conversion or conversion when they leave your site and post ads on other websites. Not only does this significantly increase brand awareness, but it also offers the user many opportunities to review your website and then convert it into a buyer. Remarketing can be enabled in search and display campaigns, as well as in social networks in advertising initiatives.

PPC and sponsored social network announcement - Perfect combination

The combination of paid search and paid advertising on social networks is the most effective way to maximize your return on investment, reach new customers and grow your business.

Need help with online advertising? Adwordcity makes it easy to manage your PPC and social media campaigns. Saves you money by cutting your costs in half. Saves your time, let us doing all your company's advertising work.

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